Eurohire Sound & Light | Backline


Yamaha Custom 7 pieceCP congos
Pearl Export 5 pieceCP bongos
Remo 7 pieceCP timbales
Tama Swing Star 5 piecevarious toys, shakers etc
Zildjian, Paiste and sabian cymbalsPRO drum techs also available


Ampeg SVT 8 by 10 stackMarshall JCM 800 / 900
Harke 4 by 10 with headMarshall 4 by 12 cab
Trace Elliott stacks and combo’sFender Blues Deville
Carlsbro Keyboard combo Fender Bassman
Guitar standsFender Blues Deluxe
Consumables availableFender Twin
PRO guitar techs also availableRoland JC120


Yamaha P90 pianoMackie Mixer
Yamaha DX7 Samson Mixer
Roland RD600 piano Phonic Mixer
Roland RD250 piano1 tier stand
Roland D502 tier stand
Korg M1Carlsbro Keyboard combo
Korg 01 WorkstationPRO Keyboard techs available